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Cirris and I were devastated when our daughter, Athena, was born with vision problems.  She was born with a non-genetic form of Peters Anomaly, which is a disorder of the cornea, iris and other portions of the anterior segment of the eye.  The cornea is the covering of the front center portion of the eye and is usually clear, allowing light to pass through the pupil to the back of the eye.  Her condition was bilateral, affecting both eyes, and caused cloudiness or opacity in her corneas.  Left untreated, this condition can cause blindness as the brain attempts to develop vision through external stimuli, but is hindered by the lack of a clear visual field.  Athena underwent surgery on both eyes at 6 weeks old and has had numerous examinations under anesthesia.  She has peripheral optical iridectomies and she has developed functional vision at 18 months old. 

When she was born, we spent every possible waking hour trying to learn everything we could about how vision develops and how children with low vision learn.  As part of that process, and through Athena's vision therapy, we learned that many children with vision issues are further hindered in their development simply because their parents lack the resources to purchase the only items babies use to learn, TOYS.  As Athena has progressed and has done so very well with all of the love, prayers, therapy and abundant toys to play with, the idea became clear to us:  Athena has angels all around her, helping her day after day to become the best she can be and it is only fitting that her experience should be the inspiration for a greater project to assist other children with similar problems.  Athena's Angels is a source for toys, educational materials and hopefully more resources for children with vision and other disabilities in families without the means to buy them throughout Western Kentucky.  It is our hope and desire that these sweet children will grow up with all of the opportunities for independence, employability and happiness possible.  No profit will be realized through this project and no toys will be purchased, with these funds, for Athena.  Thank you for your support and your continued prayers.

--Matthew S. Hatfield, President